IDMOG's Production Allocation application will satisfy not only your fiscal (e.g. SOX) and partner requirements, but will also enhance your operational insights. It delivers best estimates of the allocated products flow rates throughout your production network and provides relevant field data to refine your allocation model.

Accurate Allocation
Maximize the impact of your budget and decisions with accurate production allocation for every well

Allocate volumes on a per-well basis using measurements, well tests or other potential composite indicators with multiple components. Directly integrate with your reporting system and run multiple scenarios to compare results, check their quality and improve allocation accuracy. A visual and navigable network overview helps manage your scenarios and enables you to adapt to changes in your network profile without IT intervention (e.g. drilling of a new well, line-displacement, new pump).

Audit Compliance
Accurate allocation of production and extensive audit capabilities to comply with commercial and regulatory requirements

Increase confidence in your fiscal allocation with accurate calculation and allocation of production and extensive audit capabilities down to source data. Automated reports and batch reconciliation/re-allocation features, which log the reasons for mismeasurements and stock adjustments, ensure that you can justify your volumes every step of the way.

Improved Production
Leverage real-time per well allocation in your monitoring and reporting processes to identify improvement opportunities

Beyond fiscal purposes, your allocation results immediately feed into your monitoring/reporting system to enhance your real-time optimization capabilities and your allocation model. Allocated production is presented with supporting field data to spot issues or inconsistencies in your production network and account for measurement uncertainties in your allocation model.