IDMOG's Field Data Capture & Reporting application provides a single access point for all your field data - from sensors and well tests to field activity reports. All your Engineers and Managers will be able to communicate and collaborate on the same platform using the same trusted data.

Maximum Data
Maximize data capture by combining manual field entries for tests, events and losses with SCADA/DCS and sensor data

Our field data capture & reporting application not only aggregates all types of sensor data (OPC, OPC-UA, Modbus and SQL database historians) but is also a powerful tool to incorporate all manual entries from the field. Users can create customized data entry forms and templates (e.g. measure entry forms for ESPs/PCPs, well tests, losses), which can be used by operators on the field on any device (e.g. rugged ATEX tablet).

Maximum Quality
Reduce errors through instant quality checks and efficient validation - even with no access to wireless or internet connectivity

Trust all your field data with in-built quality/error checks upon manual field data entry and validation of data through batch processing (e.g. by type of measurement, facility, or well). For further quality assurance, definitions and guides for each measurement are accessible directly from the application, making it easy to follow company workflows and rules.

Easy Reporting
Simplify reports generation and distribution through intelligent automation and multiple export formats

Maximize the value and quality of your reports, while minimizing the time spent creating them. Generate all types of reports or real-time dashboards (daily operations, regulatory, partner, export...), with automatic pre-fill of sensor data and options to add comments before publication. Beyond exporting to all major format types (PDF, Word, Excel), your reports will also feed third-party software, ensuring you have a single trusted source for all field data.

Powerful Collaboration
Improve collaboration within your Team by communicating on one platform using one trusted source of field data

Collaborating on a single source of data, without the need for e-mails or spreadsheets, not only increases productivity, but is crucial for continuous improvement across your organization. With web-based role management (to edit profiles/authorizations) and massive capabilities in terms of simultaneous use, your Team can comment on reports, events and data calculations within the application. Taking better decisions is not just about data, but data with historical context.

Unparalleled Performance
Unparalleled performance and scalability through the use of web-applications and new database technology

IDMOG’s solutions are designed to support an increasing well count and massive data growth.

We enhance your existing IT infrastructure to provide 100% availability of field data on your sites and offices and use specialized transfer protocols and algorithms to optimize bandwidth usage (with FieldBox). Our applications use the same sophisticated technologies as Google or Amazon, to enable extremely fast data access, remote updates/maintenance and fast customization.