IDMOG's modular approach lets you choose among the applications you need for your operations.

Field Data Capture & Reporting

Field Monitoring & Alert

Production Allocation


Your existing databases

Leverage your existing databases with seamless integration

In line with your data management policies

Bring new insights to your data with high-performance applications


On-premises Platform

Installation on your servers without disrupting your operations

Data available even in case of network failure

All-in-One software solution to support production operations


Platform in the Cloud

No Hardware and no Software required: the simplicity of the Cloud

Immediately available
without installation

Access data from any of your authorized locations

Whatever the offer you choose, IDMOG guarantees you:

Installation & Configuration

We can install our production data management system on your current IT infrastructure or in the cloud depending on what best suits your organization. Rapid deployment by our dedicated specialists minimize disruptions to your current service and provides the highest levels of security and service.

Data Migration & Integration

Whenever possible, we work with your IT Team to integrate existing information systems with our data infrastructure. If necessary, we develop modules to integrate FieldBox with your acquisition devices and existing specialized engineering software. Everything to guarantee you the lowest total cost of ownership.

Training & Maintenance

We provide in-depth training to your Team on how to get the most out of their field data using our petroleum applications. Further training and on-call support is provided to maintain your data management system up to date - enabling the highest levels of availability.