IDMOG's Monitoring and Alert application is a complete browser-based monitoring solution that provides real time per-well and per-facility dashboards with raw, filtered and consolidated data. It also helps you define and set alerts on your critical parameters to minimize stress on your equipment and improve production efficiency.

Data with Context
Improve understanding of your production performance by combining real-time data with operational events and activities

Raw data without context is not enough to make good decisions. Thats why our monitoring application presents production, sensor and operational data in one place. You can plot operational events and activities over production or sensor data, drill-down into specific events or activities and be presented with relevant data sets for further analysis. Real time per-well and per-facility full-filled dashboards with scalable charts, tables, summaries and user-defined KPIs help your Teams identify improvement opportunities.

Measure your Impact
Minimize risk and ensure continuity by measuring the impact of your decisions and visualizing your operational history

With rotating Teams and increasing cross-department, cross-country collaboration, it is crucial to have a common place to visualize and analyze the complete data and operational history of your wells and equipment. As a result, we have incorporated powerful features such as google-like search capabilities and visualisation tools (e.g. site maps) to help your Teams find previous decisions that were made, assess their impact and optimize future production.

Proactive Monitoring
Increase production with proactive wells and equipment monitoring through custom alerts

Accurate and smart alerts increase the lifespan of your equipment through early warning and help maintain smooth operations, improving production efficiency. To set the most relevant alerts on any indicator (issued from sensors or calculation), the application immediately provides relevant statistics to refine the alert settings (e.g. past trigger-frequency, estimation of potential losses avoided). A complete dashboard overview and custom alert types (e.g. SMS, email) simplify efficient remote surveillance of your field.