FieldBox collects, stores and processes all your field data (sensor and manual entries). It is the only oil and gas data management platform using the latest high-performance IT technologies for increased data security, greater flexibility to adapt to your operations and a smooth user experience - in the field and the office.

Unparalleled Performance
Unparalleled performance and scalability through the use of web-applications and new database technology

Fieldbox allows for extremely fast 100% local and remote availability of your data - even in cases of network outages. Using seamless real-time data replication between your sites, in-memory technologies and specialized transfer protocols, it provides a smooth user-experience in the field and the office, much like you would expect from the most sophisticated web applications (e.g. Gmail, Amazon).

Minimum risks
High-performance and security built on top of your existing IT infrastructure

IDMOG incorporates its high-performance E&P modeling layer in your existing IT and telecommunications infrastructure. It uses robust Javascript open-source libraries for cross compatibility and error checks and enables authorized non-IT personnel to easily modify changes in your field network. With banking-grade security, automated data replication and highly redundant storage (on-premises or in the cloud), FieldBox gives you peace of mind and effortless scalability.

Easy integration
Feed your third party applications with trusted and validated field data of your entire production network

FieldBox is designed to support an increasing well count while seamlessly integrating with your existing process domain systems (e.g. data historians, SCADA/DCS, OPC-UA, Modbus) and SQL/PRODML-based applications such as OFM. Further interoperability and vendor neutrality is ensured through its external REST HTTP API (e.g. to integrate web-services), facilitating deployment in every IT environment.

Guaranteed compliance
Guarantee compliance and traceability of your data for internal, business, audit and regulatory purposes

For each data stored in your FieldBox platform, you can access its complete life-cycle: field source, key processing steps and current status. In combination with the built-in data ownership system, fault-tolerant backend, redundant storage capabilities and banking-industry grade security protocols, it guarantees your data complies with any audit and regulatory requirements (e.g. SOX), while facilitating collaboration among your Teams.