At IDMOG, we're not just software developers. We're Oil & Gas Engineers that have taken our experience in the field to build software that support your operations. Our data management platform and applications are built on the most robust and recent truly integrated technologies in IT, delivering high-performance with unparalleled reliability, simplicity and flexibility.

Guaranteed Compliance and Traceability of your Data

  • Security through automated data replication
  • Traceability & Audit-ability
  • Built-in data quality checks
  • Quality check of Production Allocation

Maximum availability from Field to Office

  • Continuous data replication across your sites
  • Optimized bandwidth usage between field and office
  • Data reconciliation after a network outage
  • Access your data on any site, any time, through any device

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

  • No expensive hardware requirements
  • Remote maintenance
  • Optimized bandwidth usage
  • No software installation required for applications
  • No IT staff intervention required for changes in your field network
  • Minimal time needed for implementation, in every IT environment

Reduced Non-Productive Time of Engineers

  • One data store for all your field data (e.g. sensor data, well test reports, field activity reports…)
  • 100% availability of your data, on the field and in the office
  • Minimize time filling out and distributing reports
  • Simplify workflows and validation
  • Straightforward monitoring

Increased Well and Facility Up-Time

  • Identify well improvement opportunities
  • Customizable alerts
  • Minimize stress on equipment
  • Improve collaboration within your Team, between the field and the office and functional departments

Increased Readiness for Interoperability, Growth and Innovation

  • Using industry standards such as PRODML, OPC-UA and Modbus
  • Minimal risk by leveraging your existing IT infrastructure
  • Flexibility to choose only the applications you need
  • Endless scalability and future-proof technologies
  • New features and updates available instantly to all users
  • Application and vendor neutrality enabling you to profit from technological advancements